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Landscape debris is the vegetative and woody materials that came from landscaping or lawn cleaning activities. It is composed of grass clippings, leaves, and trimmings without chunky stems and wood cuttings.

Landscaping debris is unavoidable if you’re doing yard remodeling of your commercial or residential property. Depending on the amount of work done on your landscaping project, you could be left with a large volume of debris waiting for disposal.

The city of Durango has Spring and Fall clean-up times which you can take advantage of by arranging for your debris for pickup. However, waiting for these schedules wouldn’t be that convenient and there can be restrictions applicable. Tree trimmings and branches must not exceed more than 8 feet and 8 inches and you are not allowed to place your debris on the designated areas ahead of time.

When it comes to timely and worry-free waste disposal and hauling, availing removal services are much recommended so you could immediately eliminate any landscaping debris and keep away dangerous piles of rubble from your place. Not only does it keep your lawn look beautiful, but it also helps avoid piles of debris from accumulating.

Here in Gravel Pros, we offer hauling services to our customers who wish to get rid of landscape debris without the hassles. Contact us at (970) 946-6158 to know more about our affordable services and we can give you a quote base on your location.

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Debris removal

It can be all exciting and thrilling having your yard reworked and adorned, but you should know, every landscaping activity means a pile of debris left for disposal. Your local trash collection service might be helpful but packing and the amount of debris and material involved must be considered.

If you are thinking of dumping the debris by yourself, you will have to ensure that your vehicle has the capacity to hold the debris securely so it won’t fall off on the road. Securing it with a cover might be essential as you haul them to a composting center, at a local yard waste collection site, or to a landfill.

Dumping anywhere, and in most cases, burning them could be illegal. This is why the most convenient, affordable, and timely option is to hire removal services that can haul your debris without any trouble. If you need such type of service, our team at Gravel Pros will gladly help you dispose of all your landscape debris, from grass clippings, branches, shrubs, weeds, leaves, unwanted dirt, and plants from your garden. We have a dump truck designed for debris removal, whether they are large stumps of wood or tree branches that are huge in terms of height and diameter.

If you have an ongoing project, you can keep all your landscape debris on-site and have it removed upon completion so you could get the most out of the service. However, if there’s too much debris that needs to be put away to clear up some space in your yard, call us anytime via phone or contact us through our website and we can provide you an estimate on our fees.

Yard debris

Yard debris is the leaves, grass clippings, sod, weeds, vegetative material, and prunings that are not more than four inches in diameter and 36 inches in length. It can be generated from landscaping or trimming activities as part of the regular maintenance of a residential or commercial property. 

Soil, old mulch, rocks, dead flowers, and plants also count as part of the yard debris. Our local landfill has started to ban mixing yard debris from regular household trash to gave way for recycling biodegradable materials. It is done by creating compost using most components of the yard debris. This is why proper disposal is required when getting rid of them. Through yard waste collection in curbside programs, landfills are freed up of space, gas emissions are lessened and organic fertilizer can be produced.

If you find recycling a fun thing to do, you can use some of your yard waste to make mulch with the use of a wood chipper. Homemade mulch is cost-effective and one of the best ways to improve the health of your plant. However, if you don’t have much time to do it, or if you find your lawn overfilled with a huge pile of debris. It might be best to get rid of those and get the job done by calling in a yard waste removal service.

Yard waste

Yard waste refers to any organic material such as a pile of leaves, tree branches, shrubs, and weeds. While anyone is free to prune trees or do yard maintenance anytime, there are certain seasons in a year where pruning is done best.

Most trees benefit from pruning in mid to late winter. But if you have safety concerns like a broken tree or a loose branch that can damage your house or building, or maybe inflict harm to the occupants especially during the windiest months, it would be best to cut some parts of your tree to maintain a hazard-free environment.

If you aim to do this in your area, a great way to save on your hauling service for yard waste removal is to implement your outdoor project at once. You can plan on having your landscaping works and yard maintenance in sequence so all your landscape debris, yard waste, large or small branches, and lawn rejects can be put away in one hauling. Through this, you can get the job done cost-effectively without having to worry about the nuisance of yard waste pickup, including how and where to dump your piles of yard waste.

Yard waste removal

If left unattended, yard waste can damage pipings, gutters, and create an unpleasant appearance on your lawn. It also creates thatch and damages the soil on your garden and lawn by blocking the nutrients it gets from the sun and water. Through routine yard waste removal, you can prevent your house from being damaged while maintaining the health of your sod.

Yard waste removal can be a tiresome job to do especially if a lot of leaves, dirt, dead plants and tree cuttings caused a build-up. It is best to have a scheduled regular yard waste and debris removal service to dispose of recyclable materials and keep things in order at your home. If you want to put away your yard waste soon, simply call our team for an appointment and we will happily get rid of those for you.

Aside from removal services, we also provide hauling services to our customers if they need large furniture or materials to be delivered in their area. Our truck can safely transport any items you wish to be moved.

Gravel Pros specializes not only in debris and yard waste removal but also in delivering gravel, mulch, dirt, and landscaping materials.  We have a wide selection of products that can you can easily search thru our website and have them delivered away as soon as your orders are placed. We offer great construction and landscaping items in bulk at a very reasonable price. Call us now for a free quote and enjoy huge savings on your moving cost.

With a family legacy of more than 40 years in Durango hauling, our team takes pride in providing high-quality service and products. It has been our job to make every home improvement project in Durango a success. Let us make yours a great achievement too!

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