Did you know that Gravel Pros does more than just gravel & stone? 

We are your go to pros for gravel, stone and landscaping needs, but we can also deliver virtually anything you need!

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We are your go to pros for gravel, stone and landscaping needs, but we can also deliver virtually anything you need!

We specialize in all types of material and product deliveries. Need a tub picked up at Home Depot or a living room set taken to the dump? You might be surprised how affordable our services are. We look forward to helping you with all of your Durango delivery needs.

Bulk Gravel and Stone

With up to 6 yards of material per delivery, we offer comprehensive selections of stone, gravel, mulch and other landscaping materials, delivered to your doorstep. Need more than 6 yards? Not a problem! We can handle multiple deliveries and provide you with custom quote.

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Bulk Mulch

Mulches are known to control weed, lock soil moisture, and act as slow-release plant food. But did you know that its shade can complement the look of your homes? Installing bulk mulch adds hues to your area while ensuring your soil cancels the growth of weeds and gets all the moisture and nutrients at the same time.

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Landscaping Stone & Cobble Stone

Landscape rocks are known for their durability, versatility, and style.  Landscaping rocks serve many functions for an outdoor space, such as use in fire pits for an even distribution of flame, in flower beds for bug prevention, in gardening for controlling weeds, in creating rock-based ground covers, or even erosion control in slopes

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Bulk Topsoil & Dirt

Topsoil is the outermost part of the soil composed of organic matter and minerals. It is widely used for in-ground applications either to add elevation or provide nutrients to the plants. Purchasing bulk topsoil helps cover a deep and large area and allows plants to grow best. You can also use it to improve clay soil or add it as a combination with garden soil by creating layers.

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Landscape Debris Clearing & Removal

When it comes to timely and worry-free waste disposal and hauling, our landscape debris removal services are recommended to help you eliminate any landscaping debris and keep away dangerous piles of rubble from your home or space.  Not only does it keep your lawn look beautiful, but it also helps avoid piles of debris from accumulating.

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Custom Deliveries

From kitchen cabinets to lumber, and from gravel to hot tubs… You name it, we’ve delivered it safely and easily.  Our professional and courteous drivers will help make your pickup and delivery easy for a lot less than you might think.  Contact us today and get a custom quote or check out our Pricing page and learn more about our services.

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We welcome your unique construction needs and treat your projects like our own. We’d be happy to serve you in the best way possible through a personalized approach, be it in materials or through service.

Here’s what our clients have had to say about our services:

Matt is so easy to work with. It was quick and easy to find the right gravel for our yard.

Sophia Jones

We needed a large amount of cedar mulch for our yard to help reduce mud in the spring. Gravel Pros delivered an entire dump truck worth…and it was much faster and cheaper than I was expecting.

Harold Green

Super friendly staff! I was able to have both gravel and boulders delivered directly to our home. Lifesaver, there was no way I could have gotten all of that done with my truck and it was more cost-effective than ordering through the large home improvement stores.

Grant Harvey

Matt helped me determine the best type of mulch for our kids’ pay area. I had no idea there were so many options and they helped us avoid purchasing the wrong product. Very happy.

Kate Lewis